Vice President of Operations
Senior Business Technology Consultant

Jeanne started with the Syracuse organization over 15 years ago. Initially, she was hired as an Account Manager and then became the Solutions Manager assisting clients, account managers and engineers to design solutions to meet the needs for the business and the technology being deployed. As the organization and the customer base grew, Jeanne then became the Director of Technical Services to manage projects and the engineering staff. Today she is very proud to have a group of extraordinarily talented and dedicated engineers that deliver services to our clients.

Growing up in a retail hardware business (pre-Home Depot and Lowe’s) Jeanne learned the value of hard work and dedication to customer service. Her belief is that there is always something that we can do better or something more we can do. It’s thinking about the issues from all sides and always looking at it from the customer’s perspective. To use Jeanne's words, " Technology is nothing more than a tool that we use to get the job done. It’s iV4’s job to make the tool work in the most efficient manner possible."

After moving to the area 23 years ago, Jeanne worked at AT&T Computer Systems, Seneca Data, and Wyse Technologies. She has had a long career in the technology field from many different aspects of the industry. Those perspectives assist her in guiding the technology and service delivery at iV4.  



Jeanne Morelli