iV4Sight Methodology

Our Proven Process for Powerful Results

Our proven approach is to align technology to your organization’s goals so that you’re always business-ready. Our iV4Sight Methodology is our proven process. Based on extensive research and industry driven methodology, iV4Sight is a “best practices” framework that looks ahead, merging both your business and IT objectives.

iV4Sight Methodology reduces risks, protects your investment, and ensures successful project outcomes.

proven methodology

How iV4Sight Methodology Protects You

In IT, challenging projects are the rule- not the exception. Studies show the reasons for failed projects are incomplete specs, lack of planning and resources, no executive support, and more. 

  • 16% of all projects are completed on time and on budget
  • 53% go over time and budget
  • 31% are not completed

With iV4's proven iV4Sight Methodology your IT investment is maximized, risk is reduced, and projects are completed on time.

iV4Sight Methodology Leads to Positive Project Outcomes


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