Move To The Cloud


Overcome your IT challenges 


Today, competition is around every corner and business efficiency is everything. To stay ahead, many businesses are moving some or all of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. 

With IT in the cloud, companies can get on-demand access to the resources and services they need with a pay-as-you-go pricing model and the ability to instantly scale up or down.


It's no secret that building and maintaining the IT infrastructure needed to run a successful business is challenging.

You have to know what you need now and in the future, have a place to store it all and an IT staff to maintain it. In-house IT infrastructure is expensive, time consuming, and it can be hard to quickly meet growing demands or integrate new technology.

Most organizations don’t have the knowledge, space or resources to build the IT infrastructure they really need to grow their business and stay competitive. 

When you move to the cloud:

Save Money

There’s no need to purchase additional hardware or sites, you simply pay for what you use.
Shift from CAPEX to OPEX with predictable monthly billing.

Recover Faster

Keep your business running with data backup and recovery.
If your data is corrupted, deleted or lost you can restore it.

Grow Efficiently

Get apps and workloads up and running fast with infrastructure that you don’t have to set up.
Easily scale resources up, down or out to meet changing needs and customer demand.
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Managing Your Move to the Cloud

The cloud can offer dramatic cost and resource savings. But a mass migration of every IT function to the cloud can wreak havoc on your business.

Instead, iV4 custom-builds a cloud infrastructure based on your unique application, storage, resource, and delivery needs. With extensive experience migrating workloads, iV4 intelligently shifts only the right IT components to a cloud environment.

Discover your path to the cloud with an introductory cloud workshop.

iV4's Azure Discovery Workshop works with the business and IT teams within your organization to discover the capabilities of Azure as it relates to your business.

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