Backup & Recovery Posture Check


Backup Assessment

Backups have become the new attack vector for cybercriminals because they are the primary way to return an organization to a known good state if data is compromised.

Without the ability to recover- cybercriminals control the attack and your data. In 2019, the average cost of downtime from ransomware was 23 times greater
than the ransom amount.

iV4’s Backup & Recovery Posture Check is the first step towards creating a secure and reliable backup and recovery solution for your business.



How The Backup & Recovery Posture Check Works:

Backup Assessment

Thorough discovery of your current backup environment and policies to evaluate:

  • Storage
  • Cloud and LOB application backups
  • Test restore procedures
  • Security of backups


Deeper dive into your operational infrastructure to determine:

  • Goals for recovery time objective (RTOs) and recovery point objective (RPOs)
  • Data retention obligations and compliance requirements
  • On-going maintenance
  • Potential cloud options




The Backup & Recovery Posture Check final report contains recommendations for improvements for all aspects of the backup environment.

  • Secure Backup Recommendations
  • Updated Policies and Procedures
  • Backup Solutions that Meet RPOs and RTOs
  • Disaster Recovery Planning Recommendations
  • Frequency, Schedule and Retention of Backups


Gain visibility into your backup environment and ensure your data is protected.

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Security Posture Check

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Compliance Gap Analysis

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