Security Assessment

Security Assessment

Understanding Your Stance On Security

Make security measurable and manageable for your organization.

iV4’s Security Assessment empowers you to take a proactive, head-on approach to eliminating risk. Gain unprecedented insight into your current security stance and a roadmap with comprehensive recommendations for strengthening weak areas.

The typical Security Assessment starts at the resource layer and assesses things like device patching cadence and malware protection.

iV4's Security Assessment goes more in-depth by:

  • Analyzing how information is disseminated on the commercial and dark web. Is there information leakage that can be used against an organization?
  • Looking for any kind of services that could be breached. Firewalls, switches, routers, wireless networks, Remote Desktop Service (RDS); are they all hardened and configured to best practices?
  • Assessing authentication mechanisms for configuration of best practices.
  • Providing a detailed roadmap and recommendations to strengthen your security, remediate risk and meet regulatory requirements.


Benefits of a Security Assessment


Predict security threats: Proactively identify exposures throughout your environment and understand how they impact your organization

Validate critical vulnerabilities: Increase efficiency, pinpointing critical threats through penetration testing

Assess security controls: Test defense efficacy and make informed spending decisions based on risk to individual units within your organization

Analyze web application vulnerabilities: Reduce risk and minimize development spending by identifying exposures before go-live

Communicate risk clearly and effectively: Present risk analytics in the context of key assets, operational areas, compliance mandates, and business objectives

Retain a competitive edge: Understand what your investment in security “buys” you and how that compares with what your competitors spend

Plan for the future: Gain insight into meeting compliance requirements and long-term security management


Ready for in-depth insight into your current security stance?


iV4 & ProArch Cybersecurity Services





Security Managed Services

Shorten the time it takes to detect malicious activity on your network, so damage is controlled and your business isn't interrupted.



Security Posture Check

Review the efficiency of your current security posture without the financial investment of a full security assessment.



Security Awareness Training

Train and test your users security knowledge with a library of content and simulated phishing campaigns.