Security Posture Check

Security Posture Assessment

Typically when people hear the terms "hacker" and "hacking" they immediately think of a guy wearing a black sweatshirt trying to steal credentials.

But really, hacking your network can be a good thing.

Think about schools running fire drills- these drills are done so that everyone knows what to do in case of a fire. The same thing can be said for your network.

Checking for any potential weak spots is crucial to stay ahead of threats.


iV4 Security Posture Check

Acting as a hacker, iV4's Security Team assesses your security posture by attempting to gain access and take control of your network.

A posture assessment is a high-level view of your security hygiene and an opportunity to review the effectiveness of your security strategy before determining remediation next steps.

The Security Posture Check identifies vulnerabilities that have the potential to be exploited and assigns a score related to your risk level across 10 security control categories including;

  1. Patching Cadence
  2. Password Hygiene
  3. Exploitability
  4. Ransomware Protection
  5. Email Hygiene
  6. Privileged Account Management
  7. Asset Inventory/Lifecycle Management
  8. Vulnerability Management
  9. Awareness Training
  10. Malware Protection

Wait, isn't this a Security Assessment?

No. A Security Assessment analyzes each layer of defense your organization currently deploys. Based on the assessment, a roadmap is produced to strengthen your security and remediate risk. 

iV4's Security Posture Check is a cost effective assessment that provides prioritized recommendations for remediation of security vulnerabilities.

This is your opportunity to review the efficiency of your current security posture without the financial investment of a full security assessment.



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