Security Posture Check

Security Posture Assessment

iV4 Security Posture Check


iV4's Security Posture Check, or security posture assessment, provides a high-level evaluation of an organization’s security practices and provides the steps needed to improve the current security stance and move towards a mature security program.

The Security Posture Check consists of:

  • 1 onsite day to run security tools in the environment
  • Interviews with applicable personnel to evaluate current security processes and procedures


The Security Posture Check identifies vulnerabilities that have the potential to be exploited and assigns a score related to your risk level across 10 security control categories;

  1. Patching Cadence
  2. Password Hygiene
  3. Exploitability
  4. Ransomware Protection
  5. Email Hygiene
  6. Privileged Account Management
  7. Asset Inventory/Lifecycle Management
  8. Vulnerability Management
  9. Awareness Training
  10. Malware Protection
Wait, isn't this a Security Assessment?

No. Organizations that already have policies and procedures implemented to a security control framework for vulnerability management, patch management, asset inventory and lifecycle management would likely be better served by a full security assessment.



Cost effectively start your security journey and get the steps needed to remediate security gaps.


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