Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

Organizations that lack a comprehensive security risk management plan that addresses compliance find themselves in crisis mode as their annual regulatory deadlines approach.

With a common misconception that meeting compliance requirements implies comprehensive security, performing a Gap Analysis identifies the discrepancies between regulatory obligations and holistic security hygiene.


What is a Gap Analysis?

An iV4 Gap Analysis gives clarity to the compliance gaps between your current and desired state.

The purpose of a Gap Analysis is to compare you to a control framework and find specific disparities that need to be corrected.

By identifying weak areas in your security program, a Gap Analysis enables you to:

  • Have a clear plan on what to do next to close your security gaps
  • Develop a prioritized roadmap to accomplish your security and compliance goals
  • Know where you stand in comparison to regulatory frameworks


Gap Analysis Approach

After a workshop and in-depth review, iV4 delivers recommendations on precautionary measures, remedial actions and compliance strategies.

  • Workshop to review your current compliance status, including security policies and procedures
  • iV4 performs an in-depth review of security controls against mandated compliance requirements
  • Implementation of automated compliance application for information collection and gap reporting



Today, consistently evaluating security controls has become critical to ensuring even the most basic security posture.

If you’re a business concerned about protecting intellectual property from cybercriminals or an enterprise with mandated compliance requirements- applying a standardized framework and mapping your controls to it gives a clear measurement of where you are and where you need to go.

Through iV4’s Governance, Risk and Compliance Services, iV4's Consulting Team ensures your organization remains compliant in the always-changing regulatory landscape.

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