Meet The Team

Jacob R
Senior Client Support Technician

"As I support iV4’s customers, I love monitoring, analyzing and learning about the diverse technologies that are used by our customers. Of particular interest are Windows servers and the various networking devices we provide and support for our customers."

Marcus Bailey

"I like working for iV4 because we're big enough to have the knowledge and expertise, but small enough to be a real team."

Jim Ockenden
Chief Sales Officer

"As a technology firm, one of the most satisfying roles we can fill is to serve as a trusted advisor and resource for our clients, helping to bring technology services and solutions to solve business challenges." 

Michael Montagliano
CTO, VP of Consulting

"The sum is greater than the parts, and it's crucial to build a team that brings various subject matter experts together to solve a business problem."

Scott L
Senior Engineer

"I was immediately impressed with the team atmosphere in place at iV4."