Office 365 Security Review

Microsoft Office 365 has become the standard productivity platform for the
majority of organizations, large and small, around the world. But as its adoption has increased, Office 365 has also become an attractive attack surface for cybercriminals targeting hosted email, user credentials, and valuable personal/organizational data.

More than 90% of breaches start with email. Attackers turn to email as the primary vector for spreading ransomware and other malware. This is why no company can afford to skimp on Office 365 security.

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Increase Your Secure Score 150+ Points

Office 365 Security Assessment

Good security principles cover people, process, and technology. iV4's Office 365 Security Review improves the security of your Office 365 tenancy by implementing additional security configurations, rules, and settings.

The Office 365 Security Review uses the Microsoft Secure Score tool to evaluate and prioritize Office 365 tenant security settings for your organization.

iV4 has extensively evaluated the Microsoft's recommendations for hardening and have rated the behavioral and configuration controls based on priority, ease of implementation, and cost.

Implementing the items included in the Office 365 Security Review has the potential to increase your Secure Score up to 150 points.


Think about all the business and customer confidential information stored in applications like OneDrive and SharePoint. Taking action to secure your Office 365 tenancy is crucial.

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